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CM® Alloy Anchor Shackle  – 7/8″

CM® Alloy Anchor Shackle – 7/8″


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  • CM Alloy Shackles (Made in the USA) are designed with a 5:1 design factor and have a strength rating approximately
    50% higher than a comparable-sized carbon shackle and about 25% stronger than super strong shackles.
  • Anchor shackles can be side loaded or used for multiple connections.
  • Made of Special Bar Quality (SBQ) steel having fine grain, reduced sulfur and phosphorus.
  • Shackles show major deformation before failure.
  • Working load limit and traceability codes shown as permanent markings on body.
  • All shackles have alloy quenched and tempered pins.
  •  Shackles meet dimensional and performance requirements of RR-C-271.
  • Certification is available upon request at the time of the order.


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Product# Size Working Load Limit
M650AP 1/2″ 11,000 lbs
M651AP 5/8″ 16.666 lbs
M652AP 3/4″ 23,333 lbs
M653AP 7/8″ 31,666 lbs
M654AP 1″ 41,666 lbs
M655AP 1-1/8″ 50,000 lbs
M656AP 1-1/4″ 60,000 lbs
M666AP 1-3/8″ 70,000 lbs
M657AP 1-1/2″ 83,333 lbs


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